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“Your progress is not a line, direct or winding, from one point to another, but a flickering series of scenes. A street is not only its tarred surface, the buildings alongside it, the cars fast or slow, the people around you. It is also the way those things relate to one another, the way they combine and recombine. As some elements slip out of view, new ones become visible.”
Teju Cole.



Through painting, drawing and animation I explore chaos; the complexity that exists in the apparent order of cities.

Elements of design and architecture collide with obsessive patterns. Sketches and doodling join traces left by human action or inaction. Planning and ideas fade under rust, street art and decay, to re-emerge again. Connections and disconnections between human beings overlap, repeat and crash into each other.

With my work I create a narrative, personal maps in which memories mesh with the external world.

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